License Plate Art Recognition Techniques

Most vehicle license plate recognition use neutral network techniques to improve its computing ability. The image of the vehicle license is captured and processed to give a textual result for more processing. 

This article focuses on picture 

processing and unbiased network techniques used in various categories such as preprocessing, filtering, feature extraction segmentation and recognition. The techniques assure that the image is quality and accelerate the computing process by changing the characters in the image into respective text. 

Levels of Image Processing and the Techniques Involved 

  • Preprocessing 

Digital picture processing is the first step in image processing. It improves the data image quality. The step ensures that undesirable data is deleted. It strengthens the image by removing background noise, standardizes the intensity of individual image particles and removes image reflections. 

Most neutral network strategies are applied to these preprocessing techniques to produce definitive images and strengthen the speed of image convergence. 

  • Filtering 

This step ensures contrast modification, noise suppression, blurring issue and data compression. It is documented that many preprocessing activities conducted in image restoration apply the neutral approach. Rectangles filtering carried out on original plate numbers involves convolution matrix. 

  • Feature extraction 

It is the part of measuring the relevant features required during the recognition process. Choosing valid features is vital in order to get best results in license plate art recognition study. 

Color features are potential for object detection. The many types of traits that can help in number plate distinction include: aspect ratio texture edge density and size of the region.  

  • Image segmentation 

The segmentation process becomes important to the processing of the image to find the fundamental message where it comes from the meaningful regions which exemplify higher levels of data. 

In segmentation, the image is split up into regions depending on the requirement of the research. Image segmentation methods will look for the object that has some measure of homogeneity or distinction. 

  • High level object properties can be integrated into the segmentation process, after finishing the initial segmentation process. Examples of higher level features include shape and color features. 
  • Character recognition 

It is the most vital step in recognizing the plate number. The recognition of license plate craft characters has been difficult. It has received much attention in image processing and Pattern recognition. 

This process will ensure the uniformity of dimensions between the input and stored patterns in the database. The methods used in recognition of characters include template matching, feature extraction and support vector machine.  

When a plate number is out for visual recognition, it is supposed to contain one or more characters. However, it can have the unwanted message. It may have colors and pictures that may not give any essential message to detect the plate number for sale license plate. Thus, the image is first processed to decrease background noise and normalize it.